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GLBlocks v1.5.1 (1.5 Mb)

About GLBlocks

GLBlocks is a simple puzzle/tetris-style game, where the object is to make the blocks disappear by placing the blocks so that four or more of the same color is next to eachother.

Opinions on GLBlocks from different people/sites:

- "Caution, after a while it becomes very addicting and get you in trouble at work =). "

- "Gorgeous and mega addictive.......!"


030601 - If you want to play a game like GLBlocks on a handheld, here is your chance! I've ported GLBlocks to the GamePark32 handheld gaming console. Ofcourse I had to remove some features to get it to run on a GP32, so there is no 3D-board swinging, but it's still a nice game. You can find it on the GP32-page

021228 - Moved the GLBlocks page to the new design scheme to fit in better with my other pages. Also the counter (which hasn't been working for YEARS) was reset.

000714 - Well, it seems like someone took the liberty of packaging together the GLBlocks v1.5 release and the updated 1.5.1 GLBMain.exe and released it as without my permission, and although I didn't think this update was large enough to warrant a new release, I decided to put this version on my site aswell.

000609 - Unfortunately I have found a small bug in GLBlocks v1.5. When running 1280x1024 resolution, some characters of the score-information isn't visible. The reason for this is that 1280x1024 resolution doesn't have the same aspect ratio as the other resolutions, it has a 1.25:1 instead of the standard 1.33:1. I didn't notice this earlier since I hadn't properly tried the 1280x1024 resolution with my 15" monitor, but now I've had the chance to run the game on a 17", and immediately noticed it. Anyway, I have fixed the bug, and if you want to run 1280x1024 and still be able to see your score properly, download the new (1.5.1) GLBMain.exeand replace the old one.

000305 - I have been getting some great feedback on the latest release, and lots of suggestions on what could be added to the game. The thing is that I will probably not develop the current version of GLBlocks any further (unless there are some nasty bugs that need to be fixed). The reason for this is that the sourcecode just isn't done in a way that allows additions. The first GLBlocks (1.0) was coded in just a couple of days, as a quick entry to a competition held by the Swedish PC Gamer magazine (who by the way didn't think GLBlocks was good enough to even be among the top 12 entries, instead they chose lots of lame Klik'n'Play games...). Anyway, large parts of the code-base still dates back to this quick hack. Maybe I will make a GLBlocks 2 someday, with a better designed code-base, that will easily allow me to add some of all the cool features that have been suggested.

000221 - Finally! GLBlocks v1.5 is now available for download. After the beta test there were a couple of things that needed fixing, so I bumped up the version nubmer yet another notch. Changes from 1.4 to 1.5:

The changes from 1.3 to 1.4:

000208 - Betatesting of GLBlocks v1.4 is in progress. I have sent out a version to a number of people with different equipment to try to find anu issues (mainly graphics-wise) BEFORE the game is released to the public this time! :)

991211 - GLBlocks v1.4 is coming along nicely, and if everything proceeds as planned, it will be released in about a month or so. I have recently upgraded to a TNT2 Ultra, and then I saw what some people have reported, the game looks VERY dark. I finally found the problem, it had to do with normals and scaling in OpenGL. The bug is fixed in the upcoming v1.4 release.

990821 - Now I'm back from my summer vacation, and can finally update the site again. I've had some time to code during the summer, and GLBlocks v1.3 is ready. But, since no major changes were made I decided not to make an official release until the next version. Anyway, the changes in version 1.3 are:

The next public release (1.4) will incorporate among other things a completely new frontend, improved performance, gamma correction, higher resolutions and fullscreen mode. Fullscreen mode is causing some troubles though. It works fine in software OpenGL and on Voodoo 2 (obviously, since no window mode is supported), but when I tried it on a computer with a Riva TNT, it din't work properly. Since I don't have a card that does hardware accelerated OpenGL in a window myself, it's very hard to find the problem.

I've also had the time to improve my highscore in swinging mode to 48.790, but that's not much compared to some highscores people have reported to me: 110.430 in swinging mode, 195.246 in static mode! Note that these are not 'official' scores, since I have no way of verifying them.

A final note - the counter is back on track again!

990522 - Well, after being away for a week or so I return only to see that, ofcourse, things have gone wrong. First of all, my email-inbox was lost in a HD-crash, a week or two of unanswered mail disappeared. So if you have mailed me recently and not gotten an answer, try again! Second, the hitcounter seems to be resetting itself every day or so.. :( This page had well above 12.000 hits when I left..

990509 - I tried getting GLBlocks to work on the new Q3A-OpenGL-drivers from 3dfx, but no luck. Some graphics are displayed, but the game locks up after a short while. In conclusion, if you want to play GLBlocks with 3D acceleration on your 3dfx card, you still need the beta 2.1 OpenGL-drivers.

I been getting some questions regarding my own highscores in GLBlocks, so here they are:

Swinging playfield: 26810 - Static playfield: 32597

This site passed 10.000 visitors a couple of days ago, and I also heard that GLBlocks has been downloaded somewhere around 5.000 times from 3DFiles!

990429 - Wow! 5.000 visitors in two days since GLBlocks got mentioned on some of the big sites like VoodooExtreme, 3DFiles and AGN3D. I have also been getting some nice feedback and ideas for future improvements from people, thanks for your support!

990427 - Launched this website, and released version 1.2. Changes since 1.0:

Version 1.0 :


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