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Here you will find what has been updated recently.

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Released a 4k intro for J2ME, Proof Of Concept 4k.
I've had to move this site again, and quite a few of the older downloads are missing. I will try to fix this as soon as possible.


Released a new TI-83 demo called World Record.


Added my new J2ME game, Viking Vex.


Added a new J2ME game SameGame 2. Also updated my TunnelGame3D for the GP32 to the latest version (v0.4)


I've released my first demo for J2ME devices ProjectLCD. I've also updated my StopWatch Midlet to v1.3


Lysator where my site has been hosted are having some problems, so the site has been moved. Make sure you point your bookmarks to as I might have to move it again, but that redirect should always work. Anyway, the site has gotten a complete overhaul, but everything is not in place yet, so many programs are missing at the moment, but they will be added eventually.


As you might have noticed, it's a bit slow on the updates. I've started a blog where I'll try to do some more frequent updates, so if you want to know what is in the works, check it out. Ofcourse I will update this page whenever I release anything new as usual.


Well, my summer vacation has so far treated me to nothing but crappy weather, but atleast it gives me time to update my webpage again. I've added a new midlet game called SameGame, and for the TI-83 - Monochromatic 2, the sequel to the successful demo. Also a new GP32 game is available, Rescue. Finally, the "Utils"-page has progressed from the "coming soon" state it has been for the last 2 years! Now you can find WinDI v1.0 there.


Just as last christmas, the vacation time have enabled me to do some long overdue updates to my webpage. I've added my first midlet (J2ME application for cellphones). I've also moved all GP32-stuff to a dedicated page, and also added a demo (Minimalstic Crap) to it.


GP32Vecx v0.2, a Vectrex emulator for the Gamepark32 added to the GP32-page


Tunnel Game 3D Tech Demo and XRick source code (both for GP32) added on to GP32-page


My second release for the GP32 is an update of the XRick (Rick Dangerous) port. Download it from the GP32-page


I've bought a new toy, a GamePark32 handheld gaming console. Ofcourse I've started developing stuff for it, my first GP32 game GPBlocks can be found on GP32-page


Christmas times, and finally some well deserved vacation that has allowed me to devote some time to updating my webpage. I have added the final version of my lame little DH02 cracktro to the "Demos"-page and I also finally got around to redesigning the GLBlocks page


I just got back from Dreamhack where I competed in the 64k intro competition. You can find the intro called "Goathack" (which ended up 2nd in the compo) at my "Demos"-page


It's always nice to return to the roots. A bit of nostalgic 8-bit coding for a contest resulted in a small game for the Commodore 64 called "Formula1k". You can find it on the "Other"-page


Yes! The grand reopening is here! Finally my web-page has gone through a long needed redesign. Some of the sections still have lots of stuff to be added (for example the 'demos' section, where all my older stuff isn't up yet) so stay tuned for updates with old aswell as new programs and demos.